Who We Are

Talk clothing… who are we?

Great question! Tough question! So here goes;

Talk clothing fundamentally is a fashion brand, designed by three men who have a completely different outlook on fashion. All three of us however, have been through our own trials and tribulations regarding our mental health, and this amongst many other reasons has brought us closer as people; as friends.

As a result of many of the conversations we have had regarding mental health, and the occasions we have talked and helped each other through our bad times. We created Talk Clothing 50, a fashion brand that will try and promote positive thinking, good mental health and the help that is available for anyone going through a bad time themselves. A brand that will bring a smile to someone’s day, or give someone the ability to bring a smile to someone’s day, or spark a conversation that wouldn’t otherwise have been started. To try and bring positivity or light to a negative day.

Failing that, at least you look quite edgy whilst doing it :’)

We have also committed to donate 50% of all profits made to mental health and suicide prevention charities. The idea is to donate as much as possible to increase the great work that is being done and the outstanding help that is on offer by many, many charities and organisations. We will keep you all as up to date as possible on how much we have managed to donate collectively through this platform.

We hope you will give the rest of the website as much attention as you’ve given this page, find something that you like and share it with us on Instagram (links below) #talktees

Have a good day team!

Talk clothing promotes the fact that everyone through all walks of life can be having a bad day, or experiencing a tough time in their life. You are not alone.